Which One of the 9?
A Circus Christmas Tale based on a story by Mór Jókai

October 15 2022 – January 8 2023

Once upon a time in the big city of Pest there was a poor man who raised his nine children alone. All of them were talented and clever but they were merely children. The poor man took all the jobs he could in order to provide them with a beautiful and carefree childhood, and so that he could dress them, school them and raise them to be nice and good people.

Then around came a wealthy man who wanted to make a deal with the poor man: if he gave away one of his children, he would pamper the child, provide expensive clothes and even more expensive toys, foreign studies, cool sports cars and the thousands of treasures found on Earth. The poor man had no other option but to choose one of his beloved nine children that the wealthy man would take forever.

Our Christmas Circus Show is based on the great Hungarian writer Mór Jókai’s (1825-1904) work called ‘Melyiket a kilenc közül?’ Which one of the nine?


We have made the original story even more universal by not only moving it into the spectacular milieu of the circus, but we summon protective angels and machinating devils as well, the cosmic battle takes place for the soul of a man and his children. What is worth more: honour or a sack filled with gold? Fairness with a troubled fate or giving up for an easy deal? Inner values or glittery sparkles?  Family or career?

Our show entitled ‘Which One of the Nine?‘  tells a story of seduction and decency, the happiness that can be acquired through humility and diligence, and the convergence that conquers all despite enormous setbacks. It tells us that our inner values are worth more than money, power and a deal with the devil under any circumstances.

The Capital Circus of Budapest is producing a special Christmas Show for its loyal audience. An artistic production to help you tune into the most sacred family holiday and give you a break from the rush of everyday life.

Based on a short story by Mór Jókai: ‘Which one of the Nine?’ features Circus and Theatre Arts with music, singing and dancing all together in joyous harmony.

Directed by Peter Fekete winner of the Jászai Mari Award and with costumes from famous designer Erzsébet Rátkai we enter a magical world where the most important values come to life through the art of circus and entertainment.

An unforgettable Christmas tale for the whole family, this impressive production features well known Hungarian actors, original melodies and a story that will touch your heart.


Dmitry Chernov – zsonglőr / juggler (Oroszország / Russia)

Dmitry Chernov comes from a circus dynasty. He first performed at four years of age when he appeared in the manege as the miniature version of the world famous clown Oleg Popov. Later he stepped in his father’s footsteps and chose juggling. At the age of thirteen, he signed a deal with Nikulin Circus. Dmitry traveled the world’s great circuses where his unique style of performance and clever tricks not ony amazed the audience but also the circus profession; his production was granted awards at various circus festivals. During the pandemic, he created the successful I. and II. Online International Circus Festival.

Novákovics Noémi – kötél /rope (Magyarország / Hungary)

After graduating from the dancer class of the Arts High School of Pécs, Noémi Novákovics applied to the Imre Baross Artist School in 2018. Here, she majored in vertical rope. She graduated from the astist school in 2021.
Her rope act presents the battles of a women where pain, passion and danger play central roles.

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Medel Family – dupla Washington trapéz / double Washington trapeze (Mexikó /Mexico)

The young sisters belong to one of the most famous Mexican circus family. Now, they perform their breathtaking act in the City Park manege. They present the tricks learnt from their parents balancing on their heads like heavenly creatures: hanging from the trapeze without a hold whole they spin hoops or hold each other high up. A spectacular act about knowledge passed on through generations and the trust between siblings.

Volozsanyin Troupe (Andrei Volozhanin, Anastasiia Volozhanina, Polina Osintseva, Roman Sonin, Anastasiia Sonina) – létra / ladder (Oroszország / Russia)

The romantic athmosphere of Tolstoy’s and Dostoievsky’s novels come to life in this special ladder act which reminds us of having to find the balance and the unconditional trust in love. The speciality of our Christmas show’s ladder act is not only provided by the tricks performed in great hights but also by the opportunities of the unique requisite.

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Kirichenko Acrobats (Nikolai Kirichenko, Mikhail Mustafin, Roman Ivanov, Vladimir Mikhailin, Sergei Pogontsev) – akrobatikus hand voltige / acrobatic hand voltige (Oroszország / Russia, Kazahsztán / Kazakhstan)

Youthful coolness, momentum and high-level knowledge merge in the production of the Kirichenko Acrobats’ world and Europe champion members. The circus artists coming from the acrobatics world mix their knowledge gained from acrobatics with circus art and dance which results in a spectacular artistic production to be viewed in Europe’s only stone circus operating throughout the year.

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Markin Family (Markin Roman, Markina Elena, Markin Dmitrii) – perzs / perche (Oroszország / Russia)

Markin Roman is a manifold circus festival award winning artist. Before coming up with his family production, he had successes with his perche act at festivals in Monte-Carlo, Domont or Wuhan. It is not the first time his family is performing at the Capital Circus of Budapest. In 2016, their act was one of the main elements of Dima’s Christmas. What is more, Dmitrii was the show’s namegiver. Now they have returned to Budapest to enchant the audience with a new, more spectacular production.

Ádám Rudolf Jr., Ádám Angelina, Ádám Szkárlet – lovas zsonglőr / juggling on horse (Magyarország / Hungary)

Traveling circuses and members of circus dynasties with their strong traditions form one of the cornerstones of Hungarian Circus Art. The versatile Henrik Ádám not only tingles the audience’s nerves with his dizzying high-wire production, but also displays the loving treatment with which he handles his ponies and horses in the ring.

Ádám Henrik Jr. – magasdrót / highwire (Magyarország / Hungary)

Traveling circuses and members of circus dynasties with their strong traditions form one of the cornerstones of Hungarian Circus Art. The versatile Henrik Ádám the audience’s nerves with his dizzying high-wire production. 

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György Szomor

The Nádasdy Kálmán prize winner actor, singer, songwriter, musician and director has been continuously playing in theatres in Budapest and in the countryside since 1993. He is a founding member of the Vörösmarty Theatre in Székesfehérvár. His first musical was ‘Katonadolog’ in 1999. He was not only the director but also the composer of The Count of Monte Cristo at the Jókai Theatre in Békéscsaba in 2011.

He appeared in such successful theatrical plays as Jungle book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Man of La Mancha, Gone with the Wind, Chicago, City of Miracles, Jesus Christ Superstar, Starmakers, With you, My Lord! or Robin Hood.

András Faragó

Actor András Faragó graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in 1989 and majored in operetta-musical. He appeared in such successful theatre plays as Czardas Queen, Lord Micky, Doctor Bat, Man of La Mancha, Countess Maritza or Jesus Christ Superstar. Television viewers might know him from Angyalbőrben (In Angel’s Skin), Barátok közt (Among friends). Cinema goers had the chance to see him in A varázsló álma (The magicians’s dream), A hecc (The jest), Ciki, te boszorkány (Awkward, the witch), Tűzvonalban (In the line of fire), Família Kft. (Family ltd.), Fejezetek az erények könyvéből (Chapters of the book of values), Egy bolond százat csinál (One fool makes a hundred), Csak szex és más semmi (Just sex and nothing else) and Valami Amerika 2. (A kind of America 2.). His voice can be heard in numerous voice acting roles.

János Dancs

János Dancs was born in Kisvárda in 1985. His acting career started in an amateur troupe in his hometown. He got his first bigger roles in the Doktorock Troupe in Kisvárda. He has been a member of the Sziget Theatre in Szigetszentmiklós and the National Equestrian Theatre since 2012. He has been acting in the co-productions of the Jókai Theatre in Békéscsaba and ExperiDance since 2016 and in Westend Theatre since 2017. Theatre-goers can mainly see him in plays like Jungle book, György Dózsa, son of the nation, Czardas Queen, Joseph and the coloured wide-screen dream coat, Love Story and Robin Hood.

Gyula Maka

Gyula Maka has been working as the ringmaster of the Capital Circus of Budapest since 2013. As an actor, he spent more than 10 years on stage but according to him, he found himself in the circus and he truly feels at home here. For his work at the XIII. Budapest International Circus Festival, he received the Blackpool Tower Circus’ special award. In 2022, he was granted the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit for his creative work popularising Hungarian circus art. Besides the circus, viewers could lastly see him in the roma game of chance titled Somnakaj.

Master John: Szomor György Nádasdy Kálmán-díjas / Pálfalvy Attila

Neighbour: Faragó András Pepita-díjas / Dancs János

              Story-teller: Maka Gyula Magyar Bronz Érdemkereszttel kitüntetett

Children:  Ádám Henrik Jr., Ádám Rudolf Jr., Alonda Medel, Bogdan Volozhanin, Dmitrii Markin, Novákovics Noémi, Zoe Medel

Cantor: Bálint Károly

Choir de Ballett: Bátor Tamás, Bokodi Panna, Böjtös Bianka, Incze Miklós, Keresztszegi Ramóna, Király Márk, Kiss Csenge, Németh Barbara, Sebesi Daniella, Snigir Snizhana, Suti András, Wehovszky Klaudia

Aerial Angels: Angelina Proharova, Böjtös Bianka, Dévai Lúcia, Hanna Bakaiéba, Kateryna Kovtunenko, Kiss Csenge, Liza Ustimenko, Nastia Popova, Németh Barbara, Olajos Rebeka, Sebesi Daniella, Vassa Pyndeliuk, Wehovszky Klaudia

Singer: Fazekas Eszter / Gábor Anita

Extras: Bohdan Lysak, Nikita Lechenko, Valentin Bezruchk, Vladimir Sliusar

Felvételen közreműködik a Semmelweis Egyetem Kórusa. Karnagy: Dr. Matos László

Musical Director, Conductor: Szakál László Magyar Ezüst Érdemkereszttel kitüntetett

Orchestra: Bálint Károly (zongora / piano), Duka Tibor (basszusgitár / bass), Fehér Géza (gitár / guitar), Földesi Attila (konga és ütőhangszerek / conga and percussion instruments). Lakner Gábor (altszaxofon / alt saxophone), Mátyus Attila (dob / drum), Oláh Antal (tenorszaxofon / tenor saxophone), Pipís Zoltán (trombita / trumpet), Vajda Gergely (hegedű / violin)

Ringmaster: Varga László

Ring Boys: Babicz János, Babicz Mihály, Csürke Ádám, Dóczy Dániel, Kovács Attila Nagy Máté, Szabó Lajos Attila, Végh Sándor

Sound Design: Köböl Lilla, Szakács Krisztián

Light Design: Szimeiszter Balázs

Visual: Bontó Richárd, Kardos Zsolt, Nagy Attila, Zángó Tamás, Vizy Áron

Choreographer, Head of choir de Ballett: Fejes Kitty

Dramaturge: Pál Dániel Levente

Costume Designer: Rátkai Erzsébet érdemes művész

Head of Costume: Martonosi Attila

Puppet Designer: Székely Andrea

Set Design assistant: Boros Eszter Anna

Head of Technical: Pánczél Lajos

Stage Manager: Graeser József Magyar Arany Érdemkereszttel kitüntetett

Production manager, Directors assistant: Csicsely Zoltán

Director: Fekete Péter Jászai Mari-díjas

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