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Circus performance of the century at the opening of the 10th Theatre Olympics


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The Capital Circus of Budapest joins the 10th Theatre Olympics and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Budapest with a circus history-making performance on the occasion of the World Circus Day. On 15 April, the circus will walk from one bank of the Danube to the other, balancing on a wire rope stretched over the Danube. László Simet, an artist, from one side to the other. The unique performance, called “I crossed the Danube”, will take place on the stretch of the Danube between Belgrade quay 18 and the opposite Lower Buda quay, between the Elisabeth and Liberty bridges, from the quay and from these two bridges.

Hungarian circus art, with its long tradition, is a bridge between people, art forms, the past and the future. The project “I’m going to pass on” draws attention to the fundamental values that we want to save at all costs and that we must pass on to the next generation.

Unprecedented superhuman feat in Hungary: on a wire over the Danube

In Hungary, for the first time, a man walks from one bank of the river to the other, balancing on a wire rope stretched across the Danube. The performance, which is unique in Europe, was performed by jr. László Simet, an artist of merit, will perform at the opening event of the 10th International Theatre Olympics on the occasion of World Circus Day on the Danube between Belgrade quay 18 and the opposite lower quay of Buda. Jj. László Simet, a 63-year-old artist who has won several awards, will walk 300 metres at a height of 30 metres on a 22 millimetre wire rope stretched over the Danube.

Crossing the wire stretched over the Danube: László Simet Jr.

László Simet Junior’s father, the late. He was discovered by Mihály Balogh “Baldio” Balogh, a leading figure in the Hungarian circus world, and in 1955 he was invited to join the Baldio Group, a group of artists that created the era.

The 63-year-old artist, who is still active today, broke his own height record in 2019: at the first Wencheng Dawazi International Competition Festival in China, he ran through a 157-metre wire rope 87 metres high several times. His talent has been rewarded with numerous professional awards: He has been awarded the Meritorious Artist Medal, the Károly Hortobágyi Prize, the Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit and has had outstanding success at numerous international circus festivals.

Time remaining until the LIVE broadcast:


Watch online, live, up close and personal!

The historic circus production will be shown in Hungary for the first time. The production, which is unique in Europe, will also be available online with cameras that cannot be seen in any other broadcast.

From the comfort of your own home, you can experience what it is like to walk across the Danube, defying gravity, the wind and the surging pull of the river’s elemental force, with the help of a GoPro camera mounted on the artist and the ballance pole. Live coverage from the air will be supported by drones and cameras mounted on the barges, providing a unique experience for those in front of the screens.

The online live broadcast is financed by the Budapest Circus from its own funds, so if you want to follow this unique and dangerous performance, please contribute 20 euros to the broadcast.

Technical discouragement:

Follow the first high wire crossing of the Danube from home or on the spot, while watching exclusive camera footage that no one else can see, simultaneously on the live stream:

Watch the National Circus Arts Centre’s top production “Átmentem” live online as the opening event of the Theatre Olympics on 15 April 2023!

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