What could that huge chest be hiding in the middle of the stage? What treasures are inside? And the others? Smaller and bigger? In chests and boxes?

No secret, but circus magic: countless wonders. Smallers and biggers! Quite smalls and quite bigs! That’s the circus! It’s the place where miracles happen to you when you enter, and the miracles you take with you when you leave the circus after the show.

The Wonderbox of the Capital Circus of Budapest is also full of secrets and wonders: world-famous artists will show you a magical world of peace, balance, playfulness, trust and, of course, humour and laughter.

Dizzying aerial acts, amazing stunts, impressive tricks, frolicking dogs and clever horses await the audience, who will be guided through the show by one of the world’s best clowns, Franke & Franke.

And what else is in this chest? The real secret: the wonder of love. We admire, we laugh, and we find ourselves smiling, looking at each other, holding our wife’s or husband’s hand, cuddling in our mother’s or grandfather’s lap, and curling up over the tousled heads of our children or grandchildren.

This is the secret of our Christmas miracle Wonderbox: the gift of being able to love each other, to listen to each other, to hug each other. This is the great secret of Christmas, and this is the gift that the Capital Circus of Budapest wants to give to its audience.


Anton & Viktor Franke – Clown /

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Anton & Viktor Franke - bohóc - Oroszország

Anton & Viktor Franke are a multi-festival prize-winning, world-famous clown duo. The artists of the Kazakh State Circus have traveled all over the world, performed in Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, China and Monaco, and won prestigious awards at many international circus festivals. In 2011, Anton became the Clown of the Year in Russia.

Duo Antresol –
aerial hoop /

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Duo Antresol - karika / aerial hoop - Oroszország / Russia

Amazing professional preparation and spectacular tricks characterize the two young girls, who have already been recognized by numerous children’s and youth circus festivals. Power pervades their show, the interplay of mutually reinforcing energies lends the performance a special dynamic.

Evgenia Zavadskaya –
areial rope /

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Evgenia Zavadskaya - kötélszám / aerial rope - Oroszország / Russia

Although the young girl recently finished her studies at the State School of Circus and Variety Arts, she already has many awards and recognitions. In 2022, she was awarded the Bronze Crown at the Circus Princess circus festival, and in 2023 she won the circus arts category at the Young talents of Russia. In her graceful lyrical aerial rope act, she presents her sophisticated movement culture to the audience in addition to her technical knowledge.

Kraj Tiffany –
aerial pole /

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Kraj Tiffany - rúdszám / aerial pole - Magyarország / Hungary

“They say that once a chip sticks to your foot, you can never get it off. I feel the same way, because there was never a question about what I wanted to be, I always knew I would be an artist!”

Tiffany, whom is only 13-years-old, is a 8th generation member of the world-renowned Donnert family and has been living in the world of circus since birth, absorbing the love of the circus arts in her father’s circus. As a small child, she helped in her grandparents’ dog revue; at the age of 8 she already entered the arena with her own show; and in 2018, she played the main character, Marika, in the Nutcracker, a show dreamed up by her father. In addition to her primary school studies, she has performed successfully in several circuses, and she is studying acrobatics in the KSI gymnastics club.

De Tru –
Perche /

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De Tru – perzs / perche - Vietnám / Vietnam

Do Ahn Quy, Hoang Le Phoung, Nguyen Duy Son, Nguyen Van Phu, Tran Thi Thao Van, Truong Ba Thang

The impressive perche act of the De TRU group brings the harmony and peace of the Far East to the circus stage, in which extraordinary concentration is combined with an amazing sense of balance. In 2022, the performance won the Silver Medal at the International Circus Festival in Hanoi. 

Ethio Brothers –
icarian games /

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Ethio Brothers - ikária / icarian games - Etiópia / Ethiopia

The young Ethiopians met 5 years ago in Addis Ababa, at the Ethiopian Circus, and since then they have been working and practicing tirelessly to make their dreams come true. Because the maneze is the miracle stage of dreams coming true! The audience of the Capital Circus of Budapest can now be a part of this miracle, and they are guaranteed to be enchanted by the young people’s strumming rhythm performance.

Group Tightrope Walkers Antik
– high-wire
/ Russia

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Group Tightrope Walkers Antik - magasdrót / high-wire - Oroszország / Russia

The breathtaking high-wire production of the group, led by Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Dneprovskii, has been presented for 3 generations. During this time, they took part in many prestigious circus festivals, appeared in world-renowned circuses, toured Europe, performed in China, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, Georgia. They won the Silver Lion award at the Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China and the Silver Elephant award at the festival of Nikulin Circus in Moscow.

Wertheim Deniel –
juggler /

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Wertheim Deniel - zsonglőr / juggler - Magyarország / Hungary

“Practice is never enough, development is essential, the limit is the starry sky!”

16-year-old Deniel has been in love with the circus since birth, there is nothing he is not interested in. He stepped on stage for the first time in 2015, performed a clown joke together with his two brothers, and later started practicing on a unicycle. In 2017, he showed off his skills in the unicycle act of his father and brother, and at the age of 14 he already entertained the audience in solo with clown jokes. At this time, he began to practice juggling, in which he achieved great performance in a relatively short time. The talented young man performs a ball-bouncing juggling act in a gentleman’s style at the Capital Circus of Budapest, and thanks to persistent and tireless practice, he can even juggle eight balls at one point.

Nicole Berousek –
dog and horse act /
Czech Republic

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Nicole Jostmann kutya - és lószám / dog and horse act Olaszország – Ausztria / Italy – Austria

Nicole comes from the “Golden city Prague”, and represents the ninth generation of the famous Czech circus dynasty Berousek. As daughter of the fastest juggler in the world, Mario Berousek, she also started juggling at the age of six. In recent years she has presented a great performance combining acrobatics with Rhytmic Gymnastics Hula Hoop. From childhood she felt drawn to animals and especially to horses. Nicole is particularly proud to present for the first time a fast-paced dog act and the high school on a Friesian Horse on the stage of the Capital Circus of Budapest.

Shu Takada –
yo-yo /

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Shu Takada - jojó / yo-yo - Japán / Japan

For the first time in Hungary, we are attempting to introduce a genre that is hardly seen in circuses, yo-yo, by Japanese artist Shu Takada, six-time yo-yo world champion. Shu started yo-yoing at the age of 6. He rose to great popularity in 2012 with highly choreographed 2A routines, often incorporating signature dance moves and acrobatic stunts. His performances are extremely spectacular, his special, unique art style is captivating.


Gábor Anita

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Gábor Anita - Énekesnő / Singer

Anita Gábor is an actress and singer. She began her career at the Jókai Theater in Békéscsaba, since then, she has appeared in several theaters in Budapest, in prose and musical roles. A recurring character in the performances of the Capital Circus of Budapest, she has already enchanted the audience with her voice in several circus productions.

Pápai Kíra

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Pápai Kíra - Énekesnő / Singer

Kíra Pápai was the singer, actress, equestrian performer of the National Horse Theater for seven years. She developed a close relationship with equestrian performance art. The audience of the Capital Circus of Budapest got to know her extraordinary talent and her humility towards horses and performing arts in the Spirit of Steppe.

Budapest Capital Circus Ballet

Cast and crew

Énekesnő / Singer: Pápai Kíra / Gábor Anita

Dramaturg / Dramaturge: Pál Dániel Levente

Zenei vezető / Musical Director, Conductor: Szakál László, Magyar Ezüst Érdemkereszttel kitüntetett

Zenekar / Orchestra: Bálint Károly (zongora/piano), Duka Tibor (basszusgitár/bass), Fehér Géza (gitár/guitar), Földesi Attila (konga és ütőhangszerek/Conga and Percussion Instruments), Lakner Gábor (szaxofon/saxophone), Mátyus Attila (dob/drum), Oláh Antal (tenorszaxofon/tenor saxophone), Pípis Zoltán (trombita/trumpet), Román Iván (szaxofon/saxophone)

Porondmester / Ringmaster: Varga László

Porondosok / Ring boys: Babicz Mihály, Csürke Ádám, Dóczy Dániel, Kovács Attila, Nagy Máté, Nové Mátyás, Szabó Lajos Attila, Végh Sándor

Koreográfus, balettkarvezető / Choreographer, Ballet Choir Leader: Fejes Kitty

Balettkar / Ballet Choir: Bodó Zsombor, Deák Kristóf, Dévai Fanni, Dringó Orsolya, Farkas Kámea, Lovász Réka, Maksym Lata, Szöllősi Gréta, Takács László, Ureczky Lilien, Horváth Bence

Jelmeztervező / Costume Design: Martonosi Attila

Hangtechnika / Sound Design: Szakács Krisztián, Kövér Lilla, Bontó Richárd

Fénytervező / Light Design: Szimeiszter Balázs

Vizuál / Visual: Kardos Zsolt, Nagy Attila, Bontó Richárd, Pilgermayer Henrietta, Zángó Tamás

Műszaki vezető / Technical Leader: Pánczél Lajos

Cirkuszszakmai vezető / Circus Choreographer: Graeser József, Magyar Arany Érdemkereszttel kitüntetett

Rendezőasszisztens / Production Assistant: Csicsely Zoltán

Társalkotó / Co-Creators: Anton & Viktor Franke

Rendező / Director: Fekete Péter, Jászai Mari-Díjas