The ballet company of the Capital Circus of Budapest

Members of the ballet company:

Kitty Fejes - head of the Dance Ensemble, choreographer


Fejes Kitty

“Each show is a new opportunity for our dancers to showcase their talents. From floor to air, fire to ice, dry to watershow, classical to revue and up to contemporary movement, they must be ready for anything! In addition to learning the dances, the team needs to train with variety and perseverance, a transparent schedule and adequate rest is also a must. Keeping in mind the individuality and personality of the dancers, building on my background in teaching contemporary and stage dance, as well as my experience as a theatre choreographer, we are constantly learning from each other, developing and creating as a real team.

As the leader of the dance troupe of the Capital Circus of Budapest, my main task, apart from coordination, is to constantly motivate the members of the troupe with exciting challenges, to inspire them again and again!”



Sebesi Daniella

“I danced competitively for 14 years; I loved competing! I won national and Hungarian championships. But as a competitive dancer I never had this kind of team spirit that I have experienced since I started working in the circus a year ago. The challenges were not only the learning of new dance styles and the art of circus, but also the team thinking and taking responsibility for each other that circus work requires. I feel I have become more open and my communication skills has improved as a result. I’ve really grown to love the environment, the people we work with and I’m inspired by the new professional challenges. It’s good to grow and it’s great to be doing the job I love the most.”



Böjtös Bianka

“I have been passionate about dance since I was a little girl. Over the years, I have performed on many stages as a theatre dancer in different dance styles, but the circus is a whole different world. It constantly presents new challenges to overcome. One of those struggles for me was height, as I had never worked in the air as a dancer before. Thanks to a lot of practice, I managed to overcome my fear and now I can perform some elements confidently at heights of 4-5 metres. In our latest show “Which one of the 9?”, we performed somersaults and simple tricks while spinning, looking for the balance between dance and circus elements. Dance is my innermost self, I like to bring joy to the audience, I love what I do because I can really be myself.”

Klaudia Wehovszky


Wehovszky Klaudia

“Moving to music has been in my life since I was three years old. First, I was introduced to the basics of rhythmic gymnastics, then I decided to take up acrobatics. Thus, the elegant form of movement, flexibility and dynamic jumps over the ground have all contributed to my coordination, sense of rhythm and endurance. After training as a theatre dancer, I was a member of a modern dance company for nearly ten years. I put what I have learned to excellent use on the circus stage. It’s positive and uplifting to be able to give the audience the drive, energy and elegance that I have during performances.”



Németh Barbara

“Thanks to my theatre dance education, I have several years of stage experience. After that, I thought, there can be no surprises. But in the only circus building in Central Europe, this seems to be disproved season after season, performance after performance. As a member of the dance troupe of the Capital Circus of Budapest, I would never have imagined at the beginning that I would now be doing somersaults several metres in the air, relaxed and smiling, without any worries. I enjoy that there is always a challenge, something new.”



Incze Miklós

“Dance and circus arts have always been part of my life. It is a great pleasure for me to be a member of the dance troupe of the Capital Circus of Budapest. It is an opportunity to further develop my circus art skills, while at the same time expanding my dance techniques. I have had the opportunity to use my dance skills in stage productions around the world, combining the art of circus and dance. But circus ring has so much more to offer to me, and I think to the audience. I’m particularly close to the circular stage, the circus ring “manage”, which is the heart of the building and is embraced by the audience.”

Zsolt András Suti


Suti András Zsolt

“Dance and art have been part of my life since childhood. During my work in different companies and in many countries, I have had the privilege to experience the bumpy road of the dance profession. In competitive dance, I have participated in many outstanding competitions both in our country and abroad, as well as danced as a professional dancer on the stage of “Dancing with the Stars”. For almost a year now, I have been working as a member of the dance troup of the Capital Circus of Budapest. During this time, I have had the opportunity to learn how to use circus equipment, which has since then continuously improved my skills and opened up new possibilities. I hope that we will continue to develop at such an intensive pace in the future and that we will have many wonderful experiences that will bring success to the Capital Circus of Budapest. I love the atmosphere of the circus ring “manege” and the energy I get from the audience.”



Kiss Csenge

Dance has been a part of my life for a long time. Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I wanted to take dance seriously. I have been exposed to many dance styles throughout my career, but my professional identity has developed mainly within modern and contemporary dance. I am grateful that I can currently use my skills as a member of the dance troupe of the Capital Circus of Budapest. Here I can not only develop my dancing skills, but I also have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the different movements of circus arts. For me, circus has opened a brand-new door, providing professional development, a great community and a way to a wider world view. Circus helps me to learn about myself and my limits as a performer, and to build each stage character and my own personality step by step in an interesting way.”



Bátor Tamás

I came from the world of competition dance to the dance troupe of the Capital Circus of Budapest. I became U21 Hungarian champion, silver medalist of the show dance Hungarian championship and three times national champion in Latin dances. By now the combination of circus and dance has grown close to my heart, as it offers opportunities that have allowed me to develop a lot and will continue to do so in the future. As a dance artist, it is a great treasure to be able to develop our body through circus training, making our stage persona more unique. We can learn exciting things that audiences may not have seen on a regular dance floor before, but at the same time it is extremely harmonious with the art of dance and also creates a special feel for the performances. Of course, no road to success is easy, it takes courage, perseverance and lots of practice.

In addition to the above, my spindle bone has been enriched with a metal plate and seven screws, but now it is better than when it was new.



Király Márk

“When I was ten years old, I played the lead role in a musical at the Csiky Gergely Theatre, that was my first taste of dancing. I ended up in the world of competitive dance, where I competed in both standard and Latin dances. My dance partner and I were multiple regional and national champions in both dance styles in the youth competition, and later won 5th place in the adult Hungarian championships and the Adult Latin Ranking competition. After that I gained professional experience in the world of revues and shows abroad, and then I was introduced to different genres of circus and contemporary dance at the Capital Circus of Budapest.

I consider myself lucky because I make a living from what I consider not a job but a profession. I am curious and excited about the future and look forward to the challenges ahead.”



Bokodi Panna

“I changed my pink tutu skirt, which I wore in kindergarten to match jazz ballet, to a folk-dance skirt. I danced in a folk-dance group for 10 years, during which time I also tried competitive dancing. For many years I did the two in parallel, but eventually competition dancing won and I took it up as you would a competitive sport. For a very long time, my partner and I were youth ranking leaders than we went on to become Hungarian championship 2nd place winners, national champions and multiple regional champions. After all this I performed in foreign shows and gained experience in revue and modern dance.

At the Capital Circus of Budapest I tried my hand at aerial hoop, aerial silk, juggling and bungee jumping. The world of circus is a very colourful and interesting place, where I can be part of a community of people who stick together for better or worse, because lives are at stake every day.”

I love working here, and it’s moving to think that not so long ago I also was a bright-eyed child clapping at the end of a show.

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