Nearly three decades ago, in 1996, a small group of circus professionals started the Budapest International Circus Festival under the leadership of István Kristóf (1941–2023), the Monte Carlo’s Silver Clown and Jászai Mari Award-winning artist and director of the Capital Circus of Budapest, and his son Krisztián Kristóf. From nothing, a great miracle was born, which quickly became one of the most important circus competitions and festivals, and has since been ranked among the top five circus events in the world. For one week, the Capital Circus of Budapest attracts everyone who matters in the circus world.

Managers, directors, circus directors, casting directors, all watch with great anticipation as the artists enter the ring. The saying is literally true: the stage of the Capital Circus of Budapest is truly the world to the performers, as the whole world is watching them. Anyone who performs here is likely to get good offers from all over the world, and even sign new contracts. And anyone who performs here has the chance to win some of the world’s most prestigious professional awards – the Bronze, Silver and Gold Pierrot Awards.

It is also a tradition of almost three decades that the winners of the festival will be presented here, so that for two months the Hungarian audience can admire the performances of the world’s best artists. Dazzling wonders, superhuman performances and incredible magic follow one after the other on the stage of the Capital Circus of Budapest. From artists who are not only the best, but also role models of perseverance, diligence, teamwork and helping each other. True circus brothers and sisters to each other – and to our audience!

And while they’re here, let’s take the opportunity to ask them why they’re staying in Budapest. What do the stars think of us? Why is it good for them to stay in the Capital Circus of Budapest? To present here the production they have been practising for months and years at home? And to continue creating here?

All the answers are mirrors for us Hungarians: from the mouths of artists who are the best and most authentic in the circus world.


Anton & Viktor Franke / Artists of the Kazakh State Circus / clown / Russia


Anton & Viktor Franke - bohóc - Oroszország

Anton & Viktor Franke are a multi-festival prize-winning, world-famous clown duo. The artists of the Kazakh State Circus have traveled all over the world, performed in Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, China and Monaco, and won prestigious awards at many international circus festivals. In 2011, Anton became the Clown of the Year in Russia.

Alex Giona / horse act – liberty training / Italy


Alex Giona lószám – szabadidomítás / horse act – liberty training Olaszország / Italy

Not only did Alex Giona take home the Silver Clown from the 45th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo in 2023, he is also a magician with a prodigious and unique gift who knows something about horses that very few people do. So says Fieracavalli: „With a career defined by his non-conformist and pioneering approach to the world of equestrian art, Alex has become, over the years, one of the symbols of free rein training and the unique, magical relationship between people and horses.” And that’s how he talks about himself: “The approach and the relationship I have created with my horses start from a playful routine in which they feel »free and equal«. I often talk and given them compliments, so that they get used to my voice day after day and understand the keywords that correspond to specific actions.”

Walker Diabolo / diabolo / Taiwan


Walker Diabolo diaboló / diabolo Tajvan / Taiwan

Deep concentration, outstanding technical knowledge, innovative implementation and carefree play characterize the diabolo act of the Taiwanese youth, which enchants the audience with unique visuals. The performance of the four artists has toured all over Europe, China and Australia, and since 2019 they have been recurring guests of Cirque du Soleil shows.

Bruno Macaggi / juggler / Italy – Spain


Bruno Macaggi zsonglőr / juggler Olaszország – Spanyolország / Italy – Spain

For the first time in Hungary we are attempting to introduce a genre that is hardly seen in circuses, shaker cups juggling, by Spanish-Italian artist Bruno Macaggi, selected as best young Spanish artist 2016. Bruno started practicing at the age of 8. His family has a great success with two circuses in Spain, Gran Circo Wonderland and Gran Circo WOW. There are just two jugglers in the world who can play with 12 shaker cups, and Bruno it’s one of them.

Bui Quoc Huy cyr wheel / Vietnam


Bui Quoc Huy cyr wheel Vietnám / Vietnam

Bui Quoc Huy is a wheel performance artist. He studied at the Vietnam National Circus School between 2000-2005, graduated, and then he worked at the Ho Chi Minh City circus troupe (2006-2013). He is an actor of the world famous Vietnamese A O Show from 2013. During his time there he researched and created, and he came up with a new cyr wheel that looks like a giant finger ring, he has been developing it ever since. Last year he participated at the International Salieri Circus Award competition in Italy.

Andrei Pogorelov / wheel of death / Belarus


Andrei Pogorelov halálkerék / wheel of death Fehéroroszország / Belarus

Andrei Pogorelov is a former athlete, master of sports in trampoline jumping. He has been working in the circus for 15 years, during which time he has mastered several genre in acrobatics and balancing act. Six years ago he discovered a new genre of the “wheel of courage”, since then he has achieved high results. Today he is the only performer in the world of a back somersault with a 360 turn on the outer part of the wheel. In 2023 he took part in the international circus festival Echo of Asia where won a silver award.

Anton Mikheev / straps / Russia


Anton Mikheev gurtni / straps Oroszország / Russia

Anton Mikheev was born in Moscow, in 1998. His parents were part of the Mikheev Trio, a famous Russian perch act. His mother, Margarita (Rita) had been an aerialist, she is one of the few women to have completed a quadruple somersault on the flying trapeze. Anton was trained in aerial straps at Circus Nikulin in Moscow by Gennadiy Totukhov, a former aerialist. He made his professional debut with his strap act at Circus Nikulin in 2014. That same year, he won a Gold Medal at the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany, and in 2015, the Silver Award at the New Generation Festival in Monte Carlo. Soon after, he was featured on the French television hit variety show, Patrick Sebastien’s Le plus grand cabaret du monde. A special feature of his act is that he also plays with a ball in the air, balancing and doing tricks.

Troupe Zola / teeterboard / Mongolia


Troupe Zola deszka / teeterboard Mongólia / Mongolia

Bataa Zolbayar, Bataa Zolbayasgalan, Burenjargal Urjindulam, Dashdulam Purewsambuu, Enkhnasan Davaadalai, Ganbold Bat-Erdene, Ganbold Gan-Erdene, Gombosuren Mungunshagai, Oesoo Uitumen, Orkhontuul Khuslen, Oyunchimeg Erdenebat, Tugsuu Ariuntuya, Zolzaya Sukhbat

The troupe was founded in 2009 with a group of 12 members. They tour many countries in Europe and Asia. Troupe Zola’s spectacular twists, the Seven Man Height is world-famous. The troupe has successfully participated in more than ten international circus competitions and festivals, won multiple prizes and awards, among them they won the Bronze Clown at the 44th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival of Monaco (2020).

Elisa Cussadiè / parrot act / Italy


Elisa Cussadiè papagájszám / parrot act Olaszország / Italy

Elisa was born in Verona in 1988 into a four-generation circus family. She performed for the first time at the age of six, with a contortionist  act. In the following years, she trained herself in several other genres: hula hoop, fakir, head balance, magic. She started working with parrots, pigeons and dogs when she met her husband Alessio Fochesato – they are like family to them. She considers herself particularly fortunate to have been born into a circus family and to have been quickly drawn into the world of entertainment: she is able to bring her innate talent and passion to her performances, whether they are artistic or animal acts. They won the Bronze Clown at the 45th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo 2023.

Russnák Regina / aerial straps / Hungary


Russnák Regina gurtni / aerial straps Magyarország / Hungary

Regina Russnák was a student of the Imre Baross Circus School in Budapest. She has been involved in the art of performing and circus arts for seven years, and has also performed in his parents’ lifting act. At the Artists’ School, she specialised in aerial gymnastics, which has already won her considerable professional recognition. In the Newcomer Show of the 13th Budapest Circus Festival, the jury recognized her short gurtni performance with a Bronze Award. In 2021, she won the Most Successful Exam Production Award at the Artists’ School and the Gold Award at the 11th Dnipro International Youth Circus Festival, and in 2022 she also won the Young Star of the Stage in Hungary.